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Analysis of Materials and Precautions for Using Sauna Oven

Analysis of Materials and Precautions for Using Sauna Oven

Sauna furnace is made of high-quality stainless steel

Sauna furnace is made of high-quality stainless steel. It can withstand frequent human use and therefore can meet the needs of professional and high-level sauna enthusiasts.

The controller allows you to control various functions outside the sauna room. It has a beautiful appearance, good durability, and a waterproof cover for reliable operation.

The sauna room adopts a sealed form. The imported sauna room is made of white pine treated at high temperature and insulated with partition cotton. The sauna room can be designed in any irregular size as needed.

After selecting the sauna stones, it is also necessary to properly place them inside the sauna furnace. When the sauna furnace is in operation, the air flow inside the stove must be kept unobstructed. When placing the sauna stones, large stones should be placed at the bottom of the stove, and small stones should be placed on top, covering the heating tube to reduce direct contact with cold water.

There are many types, varieties, and specifications of sauna furnaces, and their heating energies are also different. Its design features include high-temperature manufacturing efficiency, with a deep stone basin built-in to allow direct contact between the heating device and sauna stones.

The main components of the sauna furnace and its accessory equipment are: sauna furnace; sauna furnace with automatic temperature measurement instrument; sauna steam dual-purpose stove; and fully automatic electronic temperature controller.

Precautions for using the sauna furnace heater

Before turning on the sauna furnace, make sure that there are no miscellaneous items around the electric heater inside the sauna room.

When using the sauna furnace heater, there may be an odor produced by the heater and sauna stones. Therefore, it is important to ensure good ventilation in the sauna room.

Pregnant women or women during menstruation are not allowed to take sauna baths. Sauna baths can cause a steady increase in blood pressure, increase the load on the heart, and may lead to the onset of hypertension and heart disease.

People with angina pectoris, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, leprosy, diabetes, or muscle disease (except acne) cannot steam in the sauna bath. If the sauna bath causes weakness and discomfort, consult a doctor.

Home saunas include dry steam rooms and wet steam rooms, but what people usually mean by a sauna room is generally a dry steam room, and a steam room refers to a wet steam room.

The digital sauna controller of the steam room should also be matched according to the power of the power supply. It can be said that half of the fire accidents in the steam room are due to incorrect matching of the power. A switch with a power that is too large will cause excessive load on the electrical components inside, and the power supply cannot cut off for protection. A switch with a power that is too small will cause easy tripping and cannot be used normally. Therefore, the use of this switch is very important, and an appropriate switch must be used to ensure the safety of the steam room.

In sauna bathing centers, the design should fully consider aspects such as good indoor lighting, ventilation, sound quality effects, etc., and coordinate the installation of indoor environmental control, water and electricity equipment to make the layout reasonable.

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