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Temperature Control and Common Faults of Heating Temperature Controller

Temperature Control and Common Faults of Heating Temperature Controller

Thermostat, a series of automatic control components that produce conduction or disconnection actions, or electronic components that provide temperature data for circuits to collect temperature data by different working principles at different temperatures in accordance with the temperature changes of the working environment, producing certain special effects through physical deformation inside the switch. Below, we will introduce how the heating temperature controller is controlled and what are the common faults?

How does the heating temperature controller control the heater?

  • They all use digital temperature control instruments for control. The wiring method is also relatively simple. The normally closed point of the temperature control digital display instrument is connected to the coil circuit of the contactor. That is, the high and total wiring terminal.

  • Users set the indoor temperature according to their own needs, and the control accuracy of temperature varies according to different products. For knob-type electric heating temperature controllers, the temperature can be set by rotating the knob, and the pointer points to the temperature that the user needs. If the indoor temperature is lower than the temperature set by the user, the relay contact of the temperature controller will be closed to start the heating device. And the heating indicator will light up.

  • If the actual temperature of the room matches the temperature set by the digital sauna controller, the heating device of the temperature controller will be disconnected at this time, and the originally lit indicator will go out. And with an external high-temperature protection temperature sensor.

  • Usually, the protection temperature sensor is placed near the heating source, but the specific distance depends on the protection temperature of the electric heating temperature controller. When the protection temperature sensor detects that the temperature around the sensor exceeds the protection temperature value, the temperature controller will turn off the heating output. But when the sensor detects that the temperature around the sensor is lower than the protection temperature value (45℃), the temperature controller automatically resumes operation.

Common faults of heating temperature controllers

The device has no display after power-on.

Solution: First check whether the terminal of the device is connected to the zero line and the fire line, and ensure that the zero line power can work normally.

Then, check whether there is looseness between the liquid crystal display board and the device driving power supply, and take relevant fastening measures. Pay attention to whether the switch of the heating temperature controller has been turned on and whether it meets the specified standards.

When wiring the sauna thermostat control, it is necessary to check the voltage and current issues of the wiring power supply in advance.

The device displays normally, but there is an error during control.

Solution: It is necessary to check whether the jumper wire of the device is connected and whether the contact is good. Then, check whether the connection of the jumper wire is correct.

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