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Different Types of Temperature Controllers

With the gradual improvement of people's living standards, everyone is more and more concerned about the surrounding living environment and pays attention to regulating their physical condition according to the surrounding environment.

In today's unusual climate, people have learned to use heating temperature controllers to understand and observe the surrounding environment, and thus improve the environment where they are located, in order to achieve the goal of having a comfortable body and mind. Below, the professional sauna heater manufacturers will introduce what heating temperature controllers are and their classifications.

What are Heating Temperature Controllers?

The sauna temperature controller is a series of automatic control components or electronic components that generate conduction or disconnection actions based on some special effects produced by the physical deformation inside the switch due to the temperature change of the working environment, or the different working states of the electronic components under different temperatures to provide temperature data for the circuit to collect.

Classifications of Heating Temperature Controllers

Heating temperature controllers can be divided into fluid temperature controllers, bimetallic temperature controllers, and color temperature controllers according to their working principles. And most of them are applied in the sauna device.

Fluid Temperature Controller

The automatic adjustment is realized by the principle of thermal expansion and contraction of the temperature-sensitive liquid and the incompressibility of the liquid. When the controlled temperature rises, the pushing force produced by the expansion of the temperature-sensitive liquid will decrease the heat medium to reduce the output temperature; when the controlled temperature decreases, the temperature-sensitive liquid shrinks and the heat medium is opened under the action of the reset device to increase the output temperature, so that the controlled temperature can reach and maintain within the set temperature range.

Bimetallic Temperature Controller

It is based on the principle of thermal expansion and contraction of objects. Thermal expansion and contraction are common characteristics of objects, but different objects have different degrees of thermal expansion and contraction. The two sides of the bimetallic sheet are conductors of different materials. Under the changing temperature, the bimetallic sheet bends due to different expansion and contraction degrees, touches the set contact or switch, and makes the set circuit (protection) start to work.

Color Temperature Controller

The working principle is based on the principle that some coatings will produce different colors at different temperatures. For example, liquid crystal can produce different colors at different temperatures, and then use a color collector like a camera to provide different data to the circuit for control.

We believe that you now have a certain understanding of heating temperature controllers and know about other related knowledge.

Temperature controllers have a different status in today’s society play an important role in people's lives, and are increasingly welcomed by everyone. We hope that our introduction can help you and have an impact on your future purchases.

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