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Sauna Heater Installation Guide

Sauna Heater InstallationInstalling Electric Sauna Heater

  • Affix the feet on the rear wall of the oven with the screws supplied (4 screws M5 x 12).

  • Fasten the bottom panel to the inner sheath with 4 self-tapping screws 3.9 x 9.5.

  • Thread the main cable into the terminal box through the hole provided for it.

  • After making the electrical connection of the mains cable, close the cover on the terminal box again (with the spacer on the outside).

  • Position the sauna oven in front of the air intake opening. Secure the wall bracket to the wall of the cabin using the wood screws supplied. Insert the stone grate (see description entitled ''Placing the sauna stones on the stone Grate'', a section entitled ''Cleaning and care'').

  • The installation of the sauna oven ensures that the vertical distance between the top of the sauna oven and the ceiling of the sauna booth is at least 110 cm and the horizontal (lateral) distance between the oven and the wall of the booth is at least 7 cm. The distance between the bottom of the oven and the floor depends on the design of the oven (adjustable feet). However, it should be ensured that the oven is not placed on a floor made of highly inflammable material (wood, plastic flooring, etc.). Ideally, ceramic tiles or the like should be used in the sauna. The distance between the rear wall of the oven and the wall of the booth also depends on the design (wall bracket).

  • The distance between the oven safety grille or the bench and other inflammable materials from the oven must be at least 7 cm. The height of the safety grille must be equal to the height of the oven at the front. 

Installing Electric Sauna Heater

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