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What Types of Sauna Equipment Are Commonly Used and Where?

What Types of Sauna Equipment Are Commonly Used and Where?

As an innovative technology product in the new era, sauna equipment has attracted more and more attention. Nowadays, the development of sauna industry is different from three years ago. Technology, shape, and volume have undergone huge changes. If sauna equipment is damaged, it is almost impossible to find repair parts because updates are too fast. Old styles and outdated products will be eliminated.

In today's rapidly developing technology, technology is the pace of development. If the products are not updated, technology and core components will soon be eliminated. Then the times are advancing, our standard of living is constantly improving, and our pursuit is also constantly improving. Sauna equipment is an essential product in our home. Now it has become a fashionable leisure and entertainment project.

There are many types of sauna equipment, and choosing different sauna equipment has different needs. How much do we know about the types of sauna equipment? Which type of sauna equipment is more suitable for you to use? Below, let's follow us to understand what types of sauna equipment are and what they are used for.

Dry Steam Room Sauna Equipment

The dry steam room is a high-temperature steam room, and the highest temperature can reach 110°C. The heating principle of dry steam is to heat the sauna equipment to the set temperature after it is powered on, and then pour it on the sauna stones. The temperature in the water room will rise to achieve the sauna effect.

Here, we mention that the sauna heater and sauna stones belong to sauna equipment and can only be used in dry steam rooms. Secondly, dry sauna machine, wet thermometer, wooden bucket and wooden spoon, explosion-proof lamp, tempered glass door.

Sweat Steam Sauna Equipment

Sweat steam is the most popular sweat steam room nowadays, and it is loved by most women because of its healthy and beautiful effects. The sauna equipment equipment has electric heating film and far-infrared. Generator, electric stone, negative ion oxygen bar, negative ion lamp, intelligent control panel, these are all steam sauna equipment.

Wet Steam Room Sauna Equipment

The wet steam room is a powerful tool for modern women to beautify and maintain their skin. Because the humidity of the wet steam is relatively high, women's skin needs sufficient water to maintain delicate skin.

The core equipment of the steam room is the steam engine. Acrylic seat, intelligent control panel, relatively speaking, sauna equipment is the least, but also the most expensive. The temperature and adaptability of the steam are the best. It is not dry, the temperature is moderate, and the feeling is like clouds and mist.

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