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The Introduction of Sauna Heating Element

1. The Emergence of Sauna Heating Element

The traditional sauna stove is heated by burning firewood, which has an obvious trace of farming history. With the development of urbanization, this characteristic is incompatible with the modern lifestyle. The electric sauna heater which uses electricity as energy came out in the 1930s. Thanks to the progress of science and technology, the sauna heater has been constantly updated. What the user needs to do is to press the switch on and the steam room heating element will continuously heat the sauna stones. Safety and convenience make sauna blend into people's lives with unprecedented depth and breadth. Sauna equipment manufacturers have sprung up and made the market competition fierce. So how do we choose a high-quality sauna heater? The material of the sauna heater's outer shell is important, but the core component - the heating element is the most important!

2. Sauna Heating Element Advantages

With the development of society, more and more people buy sauna heaters. Why sauna stoves be favored by the majority of users? What about the sauna heating element, the core component? Let's learn about the infrared sauna elements and unveil its mystery.

As the core component of the sauna furnace, the quality of the heating tube directly affects the efficiency and life span of the sauna heater. The heating tube has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, uniform heat, high safety performance, and long life span. The heating tube is a consumable item, and if used properly, its life is generally maintained at over two years. Improper use can easily cause accelerated aging and damage to the heating tube, so choosing a good sauna heating tube will be crucial.

3. How to choose the heating element

Why are the heating tubes similar in appearance but very different in service life?

The reason is the difference in the material of the sauna tube, the insulating powder in the tube, and the material of the heating wire. There are usually three types of heating pipes on the market, stainless steel #304, #316, and #840, and the heating wire in the middle is generally made of iron-chromium alloy or nickel-chromium alloy. The heating tube of BSD is made of stainless steel #316, the inner insulating powder is high-temperature magnesium powder, and the heating wire is made of nickel-chromium alloy. The selection and application of such high-quality materials make the heating wire not easy to break and have a longer service life span heating element. While strictly controlling the quality, the price of BSD Sauna stoves is not much higher than that of other sauna stoves, and the price of sauna heating elements from sauna equipment suppliers is also more acceptable in the market now.

Generally speaking, choose a thicker and longer heating tube as much as possible under the same power, so that the heat load per unit area will be reduced. 

In fact, the length of the life span of the heating element depends on the design of the heating tube, and the selection of the internal and external material at the beginning. Knowing the working environment and correctly selecting various materials of the heating element is crucial to the real service life of the heating tube.

Sauna Heating Element

4. How to prolong the life span of the heating element 

- Choose real volcanic stones.

- The sauna stone should not be too small. Generally, it should be irregular, and the size better more than 50cm.

- The sauna stones should leave some gap between and contact with the heating pipe when placed on the stove, which is conducive to air circulation and heat conduction. The stones should cover the tubes which will avoid water splitting on the tubes when pouring water on the stones. 

- Clean the sauna stones regularly, and take the broken small saunas stone out.

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