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The Sauna Oven Plays a Crucial Role as the Main Equipment in Sauna Facilities

The Sauna Oven Plays a Crucial Role as the Main Equipment in Sauna Facilities

The sauna oven is an electric heating device

The sauna oven is an electric heating device that utilizes the heating filament inside the sauna oven to convert electric energy into heat, raising the temperature inside the sauna room and achieving a sweating effect. The sauna oven is made of high-quality stainless steel and can withstand frequent use, meeting the needs of professional and high-level sauna enthusiasts.

The sauna room is designed in a sealed form, and the imported sauna room is made of high-temperature-treated white pine and insulated with partition cotton. The size and irregular design of the sauna room can be customized according to needs.

By combining the electric heating sauna oven with the sauna room, the sauna stones can be heated quickly, generating high temperatures and expanding the pores in human skin, promoting sweating and facilitating metabolic activity in human cells.

The steam room is used in some bath centers or homes, mainly for sauna use, where the sauna oven serves as the heating source, heating the sauna stones to produce high temperatures that warm the room.

In the choice of materials for the dry steam room, emphasis is placed on durability, high quality, and safety. Proper material selection guarantees long-term use without harm to our bodies.

The sauna equipment, as a new innovative technological product in modern times, is attracting a lot of attention.

The sauna oven is the main equipment of the sauna device

After selecting the sauna stones, it is necessary to place them reasonably in the sauna oven. During the operation of the sauna oven, the ventilation system inside the stove should be maintained. When placing sauna stones, large stones should be placed at the bottom of the stove and small stones at the top, covering the heating pipes of the sauna oven to reduce the direct pouring of cold water onto the heating pipes.

The sauna oven is one of the main devices of the sauna equipment, playing an important role in providing sauna baths.

After some time in operation, the sauna stones in the sauna oven will gradually weather under the high temperature and pouring of cold water. To maintain the working status of the sauna oven, regular cleaning of the sauna oven and restoration of the sauna stones are necessary to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

In addition, sauna bath accessories include: sauna stones, sauna hygrometers, sauna timers, sauna thermometers, and so on.

Initially, the hand-fired furnace used in the industry was a cylindrical fire-tube boiler, also known as a shell-type boiler, with low thermal efficiency. The entire boiler body consists of a shell, heads, front and rear tube plates, fire tubes, and furnace shells, etc.

The horizontal shell boiler is also an old-fashioned smoke-tube boiler, so named because the longitudinal centerline of the shell is parallel to the ground. This type of boiler has various types and forms, consisting of three parts: the shell, the head, and the furnace shell, with most of the shell except for the wall heads submerged. These two types of boilers belong to the internal combustion shell boiler.

The furnace shell is made in wave shape and can withstand thermal expansion. The thermal efficiency is only about 55%. In addition, there are horizontal external combustion return-tube boilers and horizontal internal combustion return-tube (dry or wet back) boilers. The above boilers have simple structures, poor heat transfer effects, low parameters, and cannot meet the needs of social productivity development.

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