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What Are the Types of Sauna Accessories?

To experience a comfortable sauna, you need relevant sauna accessories to enhance the sauna experience.

Sauna bucket

The sauna water bucket and ladle are essential accessories for saunas. With the sauna bucket, you can pour water onto the sauna rocks to create moisture. Steam plays an essential part in sauna bath equipment; it helps to cleanse the lungs and purify the skin.

What is the purpose of a sauna bucket?

Sauna water buckets and ladles are used to hold clean water that is poured onto hot sauna rocks to produce moist steam.

Pouring water on the rocks turns a dry sauna into a moist one; this creates a sudden heat sensation and increases the humidity of the air in the sauna room. In traditional Finnish saunas, you can find buckets filled with hot and cold water in various sauna rooms used to produce steam.

Traditionally, there is no running water near the sauna, so buckets and basins are used for storage.

Some first-time sauna bathers also use sauna buckets to pour lukewarm water on their bodies for an instant cool-down.

Common questions about sauna buckets

①What material is used for BSD sauna buckets?

The bucket is made of white pine or cedar.

②How do you choose the appropriate sauna materials?

You decide. But the wood you choose for your sauna should be high quality, heat-resistant, moisture-resistant, rot-resistant, and warp-resistant. High-quality spruce and cedar are good choices. Experts tend to recommend wood that has been treated with pressure.

Sauna ladle types

Differences between wood and iron ladles

Wooden ladles make you feel soft, while iron ladles feel cold. Wooden sauna ladle is cheap, and iron ladles are expensive. Wooden ladles are lighter than iron ladles.

Common questions about sauna ladles

①Why do you need a sauna ladle?

The ladle is used to keep your hands away from the steam when you splash water onto the sauna rocks to create steam and a unique sauna experience. The ladle is used to control the humidity of the sauna room. To truly experience a sauna bath, a water bucket and ladle filled with water are essential.

②How do you use a ladle in the sauna?

Splash one ladle of water on the sauna rocks to create steam and a unique sauna atmosphere. Always remember to splash water on the sauna heater's rocks with a sauna ladle. With a ladle, you can keep your hands away from the steam and avoid burns.

Sauna heating element

The heating element is the heart of the sauna heater. These factors will determine the longevity of the sauna machine for sale.

Types of sauna heating elements

①1.2 kW/1.5 kW heating elements:

Rapid heating sauna heater heating element 1.2kw/1.5kw for water tank.

②1.8 kW/2.0 kW/2.5 kW/3.0 kW heating elements:

Rapid heating sauna heater heating element 1.8kw.

What is the sauna heating element used for?

The heating element is used to heat the rocks on the sauna heater to produce heat in the sauna room.

Common questions about sauna heating elements

①How do you choose the right model for a sauna heating element?

There are many heating elements with different power ratings on the market. You need to know your own sauna heating element power, so you can change to the same power element.

②How do you test a sauna heating element?

To test the heating element, you need a special testing device. We do not recommend customers to test the heating element at home but to have it tested by an authoritative testing center.

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