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What Is Sauna Equipment?

What Is Sauna Equipment?

What is sauna equipment?

Sauna equipment refers to all the materials needed for people to take saunas and build sauna rooms. Sauna equipment originated in the late 18th century, embedded in the center of the floor, which makes the heat dissipation more even, and the temperature at the lower parts rises accordingly. The heating system of sauna equipment has also evolved from traditional dry steam to various forms of heating, such as wet steam produced by the evaporation of steam.

What are the sauna equipment?

The sauna stove for sale is an electric heating device that converts electrical energy into heat energy using the electric heating wire in the sauna stove, which raises the temperature in the sauna room to achieve a sweating effect. The sauna stove is made of high-quality stainless steel, which can withstand frequent use by people and meet the needs of professional and high-level sauna enthusiasts. It can provide even heat, and the electronic controller can accurately maintain the environment parameters set in the room. The power is 3kW, 6kW, 9kW, 10.5kW, 12kW, and 15kW.

The sauna room is sealed, and imported sauna rooms are made of high-temperature-treated white pine and insulated with partition cotton. The sauna room can be designed in arbitrary irregular sizes according to needs. A home sauna room can accommodate two to three people, and a single-bed design is placed inside the room, which can be lying or sitting. The main sauna room accessories include a sauna stove, sauna lamp, volcanic rock, wooden spoon, thermometer, timer, etc.

A sauna room, also known as a steam room, originated in Finland. It includes a dry sauna and a wet sauna, but the sauna room commonly seen by people refers to a dry sauna, while a steam room refers to a wet sauna. Traditional saunas use mineral stones heated by fire, and water is poured on the stones to generate steam. Modern saunas use far-infrared and negative ions to achieve sauna effects. Sauna rooms have multiple functions such as weight loss, detoxification, rheumatism relief, etc., and are loved by consumers.

Jiaxing BSD Mechanical and Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China. As one of the most professional sauna equipment suppliers in China, BSD designs, produces and manufactures sauna heaters, sauna room control systems, and industrial gas heaters.

Our company has a mature R&D and management team. The core personnel have more than 10 years of industry work experience and can skillfully design and produce products that meet customer needs and relevant standards according to customer requirements. Our sauna heaters and sauna room control systems have obtained CE/GS certification from TUV Association. Welcome to inquire.

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