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Introduction to Sauna Heater Controller

Introduction to Sauna Heater Controller

Sauna Heater Controller is the interface, the brain of the sauna room. The control system allows the operator to adjust parameters outside of the sauna bath, such as lighting, temperature, dry or wet sauna bath types, and a few other features.

What is the sauna heater controller?

If the heater is the heart of the sauna room, then the sauna heater controller is the brain of the sauna room. Many functions are now combined with this unit and can control the conditions of the sauna bath. It is a device independent of the sauna heater, but controls the entire sauna system. The whole system includes temperature sensors and humidity sensors to monitor the temperature and humidity of the sauna room, directly affecting the sauna experience.

How does the sauna heater controller work?

The temperature and humidity sensors installed in the sauna room not only monitor the sauna conditions but also ensure safety. The entire system controls the heating and humidity of the sauna, starting and stopping at the desired level. Once the desired level is reached, the software automatically shuts off the heating or humidification. When the temperature drops 5℃ below the set level, the heater will start working again and maintain energy efficiency.

Types of sauna heater controllers

Digital sauna controller: Our digital sauna controller is easy to operate and controls the temperature and time of dry, steam, and sauna rooms.

Main features: Our external digital control is easy to operate and controls the temperature and time of dry, steam, and sauna rooms.

Jiaxing BSD Mechanical and Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China. BSD is top of sauna equipment suppliers that designs, manufactures, and produces sauna heaters, sauna room control systems, and industrial gas heaters.

We have a mature R&D and management team. Core members have more than 10 years of industry experience and can design and produce products that meet customer needs and relevant standards skillfully. Our infrared sauna heaters for sale and sauna room accessories have been certified by TUV Association with CE/GS.

We produced 100,000 heaters in 2021, and our new factory will have a larger capacity in 2022 and beyond. We purchase product liability insurance for all our products, covering the world. Continuous innovation, continuous improvement, and providing safe, reliable, and high-quality products to users are our constant pursuit!

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