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How to Use a Sauna Heater Stove?

How to Use a Sauna Heater Stove?

With the continuous improvement of people's economic level, steam sauna at home is no longer a dream. Many people now have portable sauna stoves that are easy to use at home and can enjoy the same treatment as a sauna room.

The use of sauna stoves is very convenient, and the volume is relatively small, suitable for use in many occasions, even in small bathrooms. So, how to use a sauna stove? Today we will introduce the usage method of the sauna stove to you!

The correct usage of the sauna stove is as follows:

  • The solid sauna stones used in the sauna stove should have a diameter between 4-8cm. After being cleaned, the stones should be placed on the fence between the heating wire, and the stones should completely cover the heating wire. It is strictly forbidden to use loose or porous ceramic stones, do not press directly on the heating wire, and also avoid placing the sauna stones too tightly.

  • During the use of the portable sauna stove, some sauna stones may crack and should be cleaned at least once a year.

  • The internal control sauna stove has two knobs. The left one is a temperature controller with a temperature unit "C" to adjust the temperature. The right one is a timer with two sets. The first one is an immediate start time limit with a time limit of 0-4 hours. The second group is the pre-set opening time, with a time limit of 1-8 hours. After the pre-set opening time, the sauna stove immediately starts heating up until the four-hour operation is completed, and the timer returns to 0 to stop the sauna stove.

  • After the sauna stove is heated, water can be poured on the sauna stones. It is strictly forbidden to pour water on the sauna stove before the stones reach the temperature. Each time you pour water, you must use the matching spoon. Never pour water near someone to avoid burning the skin from steam.

  • The sauna stove must be equipped with a sauna stove cover during use.

  • It is strictly forbidden to use water containing humus, such as seawater and chlorine water, to pour on the sauna stones.

  • The warranty period for the sauna room is one year, and the sauna stones should be replaced every 500 hours. For household use, it is calculated as one hour per day, and the replacement period is seven years.

Well, the above is what we have introduced to everyone about the usage method of the sauna stove. Do you all understand it now?

Although steaming sauna is very good for the body and skin, generally, it is enough to use it twice, and don't use it too frequently. In addition, if you experience dizziness and chest tightness during the use, you should immediately stop using the sauna stove.

In addition, for the elderly and children, they are not suitable for steaming sauna. Hypertensive and heart disease patients cannot use sauna stoves, so everyone should always pay attention to it.

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