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How to Choose a Suitable Sauna Heater Stove?

How to Choose a Suitable Sauna Heater Stove?

The sauna stove is located in a specially designed wooden cabin and heated by a specially designed stove, which heats volcanic rock to create high temperatures. The temperature and humidity inside the cabin can be adjusted according to the user's feelings and needs. Therefore, the selection of the sauna stove is crucial and relates to the safety of use.

When selecting a sauna stove, the following points should be noted:

  • Energy-saving sauna stove

A sauna stove has a low proportion in the overall project budget. A sauna room with high energy-saving coefficient, such as air convection design, high coefficient insulation device, and energy-saving design of the portable sauna stove, can save owners more than tens of thousands of yuan in electricity bills each year. Therefore, when choosing sauna equipment, don't lose sight of the big picture for small gains.

  • Convenient and comfortable sauna stove

A high-quality sauna stove should have stable temperature and not fluctuate between hot and cold. The heat should be circulating rather than diffused. Diffused heat often makes bathers' skin feel burned and uncomfortable. The humidity of the sauna room can be controlled by the amount of water sprinkled, which is simple and convenient.

  • Economical and durable sauna stove

The heating wire of the furnace body should be able to withstand a large amount of water without damage, and will not form scale even in the case of hard water supply. High-quality heating wires can ensure that the sauna stove operates normally for a long time, saving maintenance costs and ensuring the smooth operation of the business. It is the best example of buying luxury and using it even. The best global brands can operate normally for more than 10 years without error.

  • Beautiful and practical sauna stove

The design of the furnace body must be able to bear a large amount of mineral stones. In addition to producing a large amount of steam, it also ensures that excess moisture will not flow out of the furnace and cause damage. The correct "air circulation" design and "heat air guide" design can more comprehensively radiate heat and bring an enjoyable Finnish bath to bathers.

  • The trend of sauna stove breakthroughs

Facilities such as "color light sauna" or "aromatherapy treatment" can be added. Lighting and seating design can also break through tradition, such as using different heights, angles, and lighting in the design of the seats.

  • Suitable power for the sauna stove

The volume and structure of the room where the sauna room is located directly affect the selection of the sauna stove. An average of 1 kW of power is required for 1 cubic meter of sauna room volume. If the walls of the internal sauna room are made of non-insulated wood, the volume of the sauna room should be calculated according to 1.5 kW per cubic meter. With natural volcanic rock, an enjoyable sauna experience can be easily achieved!

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