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The Principles and Advantages of Dry & Steam Sauna Heaters

The sauna can be divided into dry and wet steam. It mainly expands pores, promotes blood circulation and metabolism, and helps to remove toxins and sebum by contacting with steam and skin, so that it achieves the purpose of fitness and beauty. It is a kind of passive exercise. The simple dry and wet steam is called "Pure sauna". Some people think that the sauna can help lose weight, but a person in charge of the Zhongshan University Health and Fitness Center believes that it cannot eliminate much fat through sweating alone. However, if combined with aerobics and weight training, it will have a better effect.

Dry & Steam Sauna Principle


Dry steam is considered to be an authentic sauna. Dry steam uses an electric stove similar to a hot pot to convert electricity directly into heat, and the hot air does not contain any moisture, so it is called dry steam. Minerals are usually placed on the electric stove, which will release a variety of beneficial elements for the human body after heating. The temperature of dry steam is higher than that of wet steam and can reach about 100℃. The dry sauna machine is especially suitable for patients with rheumatoid arthritis because it does not contain moisture and does not have the smell of steam, which makes breathing easier. But after steaming, the skin may become dry.

Wet steam is produced by boiling water and then spraying it out through pipes. The steam produced has abundant moisture. The temperature is generally controlled at about 50℃ by the sauna temperature controller. Most women prefer wet steam because after steaming, the skin becomes more radiant and hydrated. The three steps of steaming: whether dry or wet steam, each session should not exceed 20 minutes. After steaming, you can soak or rinse with cold water, called "crossing the cold river," to help remove secretions. Then go in and steam again for more than ten minutes. Repeat this process three times, which is what sauna enthusiasts call "three steams and three rinses."

Dry & Steam Sauna Heater Advantages

Wet and dry sauna heater is beneficial to human health and people can choose the appropriate steam method according to their constitution and physical condition. The best feeling after steaming is relaxation and comfort. Sauna professionals suggest drinking two glasses of cold water before the sauna to replenish lost fluids and expel more toxins. Then clean the skin and apply a suitable face mask. In addition, after the sauna, because of the removal of impurities from the pores and the absorption of nutrients and moisture, the skin will become naturally radiant, like after exercise. At the same time, it can help with weight loss and skin whitening.

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