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Classification and Advantages of Sauna Heaters

Sauna has become a new fashion in family healthcare therapy, but there are various types of saunas on the market, which makes it difficult for those who want to experience the sauna to choose. Today we will explore which sauna is suitable for you and the sauna heater manufacturer will teach you how to choose a suitable one so that you can choose the one that suits you best!

Sauna Heater Types 

With the continuous development of technology, saunas have also undergone changes from wood heating to electric heating, which is suitable for modern home use. We often see the following types of saunas:

  • According to whether water is used: dry sauna and wet sauna

  • According to different nationalities: Finnish sauna, Thai sauna, Japanese sauna, Korean sauna, Chinese sauna

  • According to different heating principles: traditional sauna, steam sauna, far infrared sauna

  • According to the air humidity, saunas can be divided into dry and wet saunas.

Wet sauna refers to the steam generated by the sauna wet heater or steam boiler, injected into the sauna room, with an air humidity of over 80%. The water vapor inside the dry sauna is less than 60%. Currently, common dry sauna machine on the market includes dry sauna heaters and far infrared heaters.

Dry&Steam Sauna Heater Advantages

From the perspective of human physical therapy, dry sauna is superior to wet sauna, due to the factors of humidity and temperature. From the perspective of air humidity, wet saunas are better than dry saunas, as they contain a large amount of water in the air, making it less likely to cause dry throat. As for which sauna stove to choose, it depends on your personal preferences and needs.

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