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Electric Sauna Heater

Electric Sauna Heater

BSD, your reliable sauna heater manufacturer, providing high-quality electric sauna heater for sale

BSD, as a professional sauna heater manufacturer and sauna heater factory in China, provides high-performance electric sauna heater for sale which is designed to create intense and radiant heat for a relaxing sauna experience. 

BSD electric sauna stove for sale is designed in Germany and made from high-quality components to provide a long-warranty sauna unit including dry sauna machine, dry and steam sauna heater and mini sauna heater. 

The electric sauna heater became popular because of their ease of use and cleanliness, this type of sauna room equipment was the obvious choice in most residential and commercial use.

Electric Sauna Heater for Sale

Mini Sauna Heater
Mini Sauna Heater
Mini heaters are the best solution for small sauna rooms (good for 1-2 persons). The Mini unit is available with either built-in or external controller. Available in 2.4 kw, 3 kw and 3.6 kw.
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The Function of Electric Sauna Heater

The electric sauna heater such as the wet and dry sauna heater can be heated faster than a wood-burning heater. In this electric sauna heater, the electric current passes through the resistive elements, where the resistance causes energy to be converted into heat energy. When it becomes heat energy, the elements heat up and are transferred directly through physical contact with the stones stacked upon them. And when these stones finally store the heat, they will heat the air surrounding them, making the sauna experience work efficiently.

The Function of Electric Sauna Heater

How To Use And Enjoy Your Sauna?


Drink some water before you go into the sauna. 


TURN ON THE SAUNA HEATER. Make sure there is nothing on the stove stone.


Full the bucket with water and put the ladle close to the bucket. 


Wait for the sauna to reach the desired temperature (usually 20 to 30 minutes).


Take a warm shower and enter the sauna without drying. Wash away any make-up and hair products.


Empty your mind before go into the sauna. Breathe evenly and relax.


Have a seat or lay on your sauna bench cover on the highest bench. If feels too hot, lie down or move to a lower bench, or step out of the sauna to cool off. 


You can start to throw some water on the stones once you have become accustomed to the temperature inside the sauna. 


Cool off outside from time to time.


Go into the sauna as many times as you wish.


Take a shower and wash yourself after sauna finished.


Continue to relax and drink some water after your sauna.

FAQs of Electric Sauna Heater For Sale

Can you pour water on a sauna heater?

For electric sauna stove for sale, it's important to check the manufacturer's guidelines. Some electric heaters are explicitly designed to withstand water being poured on the heating elements, while dry sauna heater are not. If the electric sauna heater is designed for water usage, it will often have a designated water compartment or tray for this purpose.


Are electric saunas expensive to run?

The operational cost of electric wet sauna heater depends on several factors, including the size of the sauna, its insulation, usage frequency, and local energy rates. Generally, electric sauna heaters for sale are considered more cost-effective compared to traditional saunas that use wood or gas heaters. 


Are electric sauna heaters safe?

Eelectrically heated sauna heaters are safe when used responsibly and in accordance with safety guidelines. Always adhere to the manufacturer's instructions, prioritize professional installation, and conduct regular maintenance to ensure the continued safety and performance of the electric sauna heater.


Why choose BSD as your sauna heater manufacturer?

Choosing BSD as your sauna heater manufacturer offers a host of advantages, setting it apart in the competitive market. Let's explore three key aspects that make BSD a compelling choice for those seeking top-notch sauna heating solutions.

Innovative Heating Technology

BSD sauna heater factory stands at the forefront of sauna heating technology, offering innovative solutions that prioritize efficiency and performance. Our electric stove saunas are equipped with advanced features, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable sauna experience.

With a commitment to staying ahead of industry trends, BSD incorporates cutting-edge heating elements, providing users with precise temperature control and a range of customizable settings. This dedication to innovation translates into saunas that deliver not only warmth but also an enhanced overall experience.

Quality Craftsmanship and Durability

BSD takes pride in the quality craftsmanship of its sauna heaters, emphasizing durability and longevity. The materials used in manufacturing are of the highest standards, ensuring that the heaters withstand the rigors of regular use and fluctuating temperatures.

The robust construction of BSD electric sauna stove for sale not only contributes to their durability but also enhances safety during operation. Customers can trust in the longevity of their investment, knowing that BSD prioritizes quality in every aspect of the manufacturing process.

Customer-Centric Approach

What sets BSD sauna heater factory apart is its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. From the initial inquiry to post-purchase support, BSD prioritizes a customer-centric approach, ensuring that clients feel valued and supported throughout our sauna heater journey.

BSD's customer service team is knowledgeable and responsive, ready to assist with inquiries, troubleshooting, and guidance. This dedication to customer satisfaction extends beyond the point of sale, fostering long-term relationships built on trust and reliability.

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