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sauna heater 220v
sauna heater 220v
220v sauna heater
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Electric Dry Sauna Heater 5.4kw with Build-in Controller

This 220v sauna heater is suitable for a 6m³ sauna room. And the sauna heater 220v stove is a traditional sauna heater which suitable for 10㎡ saunas. The wall-mounted design of the dry sauna machine made the stove occupy less space and easy to meet the set temperature. 

Electric Dry Sauna Heater 220v 5.4kw with Build-in Controller Specifications


Electric Dry Sauna Heater Build-in

Electric Sauna Stone Heater

SpecificationsRectangle Integrated Sauna Heater 220VRectangle Integrated Sauna Heater 220V
Rated Power:5.4KW/7.5KW/9KW5.4KW/7.5KW/9KW
Rated Voltage:3/N/PE~400V (3/N/PE~220V)3/N/PE~400V (3/N/PE~220V)
Control Type:Integrated ControllerIntegrated Controller
Heating method:DryDry
Heating elements:3pcs3pcs
Thermostat (TCO):YesYes
Temperature adjustment:Built-in controlBuilt-in control
Time setting:Built-in controlBuilt-in control
Water tank capacity:N/AN/A
Suitable Sauna Room:6~14 m³, 190 cm Height (210~420 cubic foot ,6.2 ft Height)6~14 m³, 190 cm Height (210~420 cubic foot ,6.2 ft Height)
Temperature Range:86-230 ℉/ 30-110 ℃86-230 ℉/ 30-110 ℃
Item dimension (L x W x H):410*340*515mm (16.14*13.39*20.28 inch)410*340*515mm (16.14*13.39*20.28 inch)
Packaging dimension (L x W x H):455*465*560mm (17.9*18.3*22.05 inch)455*465*560mm (17.9*18.3*22.05 inch)
Loading quantity ( 20'GP/40'GP/40'HQ):240/500/500 pcs240/500/500 pcs

Advantages of Sauna Heater 220v

  • Rapid Warm-Up: The 220V sauna heater, ensuring a swift and efficient warm-up process. Experience the luxury of minimal waiting time as the heater quickly reaches your desired temperature, allowing you to enjoy the soothing warmth without delay.

  • Precise Temperature Control: Like digital sauna thermostat, with its built-in controller, this sauna heater 220v provides precise temperature control. Easily adjust the heat settings to create the perfect sauna environment tailored to your preferences. The intuitive controls make it convenient to fine-tune the temperature for an optimal and comfortable experience

  • Streamlined Operation: The integration of a built-in controller simplifies the sauna operation. No need for additional control panels or external devices—the controls are seamlessly incorporated into the design of the heater. This streamlined approach enhances the overall aesthetic and functionality of your sauna space.

  • User-Friendly Settings: The user-friendly interface of the built-in controller ensures that operating the sauna heater 220v is a hassle-free experience. Effortlessly set the temperature, duration, and other parameters, allowing you to focus on the relaxation benefits of your sauna session without unnecessary complexity.

  • Even Heat Distribution: The 5.4kW power of the electric sauna stove for sale ensures consistent and even heat distribution throughout the sauna space. Say goodbye to uneven temperatures and hello to a sauna experience where every corner is infused with the therapeutic warmth you desire.

  • Relaxation at Your Fingertips: With the advantages of a 220V sauna heater and a built-in controller, your home sauna becomes a haven of relaxation at your fingertips. Whether unwinding after a long day or incorporating sauna sessions into your wellness routine, this heater offers the perfect blend of convenience and luxury.

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