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The New BSD Warehouse Put Into Use

The New BSD Warehouse Put Into Use

To further enhance the product supply capability and competitiveness, Jiaxing BSD Mechanical and Electric Co., Ltd has invested heavily to strengthen the construction of the supply chain and warehouse. With the completion of the renovation of the new plant, the new warehouse will also be officially put into use on 1st September 2022.

The new warehouse makes full use of the vertical space, and the storage capacity of goods is more than three times that of the old factory. The new warehouse can not only meet the supply needs of domestic and foreign customers for sauna heaters and gas pressure-reducing regulators/valves but also fully prepare for logistics storage for subsequent online sales.

BSD Sauna Heater Manufacturer Warehouse

The new warehouse will be equipped with hydraulic electric forklifts and professional warehouse managers. The staff here need to undergo professional training and learning, whether it is stocking, counting, loading, and unloading, they will be more skillful and orderly.

BSD Infrared Sauna for Sale

According to the plan, each row of shelves in the warehouse needs to be affixed with eye-catching material management notice boards, indicating the specifications and models, item names, and codes. The new warehouse will strictly follow the principle of FIFO "first in first out" to ensure that each batch of goods is sent out in chronological order.

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